Concrete FAQs

  • What is Poly Lift and Level?

    Poly Lift and Level is a high-density, expandable polyurethane geotechnical foam which is used to lift and level concrete slabs including sidewalks, driveways, patios, interior floors, warehouse floors, highways, parking lots, and more.

  • How Does Poly Lift and Level work?

    Small holes (⅝” or less) are drilled through the concrete slab and Poly Lift and Level is injected below the surface of your concrete. As the foam begins to expand it fills voids and gaps where there’s little or no soil supporting your slab. After the voids are filled the foam slowly and gently pushes your concrete upwards toward a level position. As it dries it hardens, eventually becoming an entirely waterproof support system for settled concrete.

  • How long does the process take?

    It depends on the size of your project, most residential applications can be finished in as little as a single day. Some large commercial projects with lots of different areas in need of repair can take longer. However, the product cures fast and you can walk on it immediately and drive on it in as little as 15 minutes.

  • How much does it cost?

    Poly Lift and Level is typically more affordable than concrete replacement (usually 50% or less), cost is dependent on the size and scope of the project. To get you the most accurate quote as possible for your project we offer free inspections. We also offer financing to make repairs as affordable as possible.

  • Will this process affect my landscaping?

    Occasionally, our team will have to use mechanical assisting devices such as pry bars to push concrete slabs in the right direction while lifting the slabs back in place. This can cause minor disturbances to your lawn or landscaping near the edges of your slab. However, the process is minimally invasive, and we strive to leave no trace of our presence once we pack up and leave!

  • How long does it last?

    Poly Lift and Level is a solid structure that is not susceptible to erosion or deterioration. The product is completely waterproof and impervious to pest or chemical breakdown. Tests have shown that the material can last up to 1000 years underground so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down over time. As long as the subsoil below it remains intact, the foam will continue to support your concrete for the life of your structure!

  • Is it possible for my concrete to move after repairs?

    This is absolutely a possibility, especially for exterior concrete slabs, if your soil has high levels of clay. Clay is highly absorbent and will shrink and swell depending on the amount of moisture in the environment. So, during the wet or winter season, soil will swell and push concrete upwards, and when it dries, it will shrink back down. It’s important to remember this movement is due to soils and it’s not Poly Lift and Level failure, so there’s no cause for concern. Rest assured that there is a good chance that the concrete will only move slightly, if at all, due to weather conditions. If it looks as though you’ve experienced some settlement during the wet or winter months don’t fret, be patient and wait to see if it returns to normal when things thaw and dry out. If you’re still worried, you can always call our team to come take another look to make sure.

  • Is it safe for my family/the environment?

    The components used in Poly Lift and Level are manufactured with natural polyols, so they’re completely non-toxic and environmentally safe. Once the components are mixed and cured, Poly Lift and Level is a solid foam plastic material. Our product is safe for all applications, even including injecting near sources of drinking water, rivers, streams, ponds, lakes etc.

  • Can I do this myself with products from my local home improvement store?

    This is not a do it yourself project, it takes specialized processing equipment to process the foam for your concrete repair. There are lots of different expandable foam products that serve a variety of purposes and Poly Lift and Level is specifically formulated for geotechnical applications. Our team is trained and certified to install these products to make sure you have the best results on your project.

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